17 October 2020

Dancing With The Dead Podcast Oct 17

Join Ben Jekyll for a fresh slice of new music on Dancing With The Dead.

Another week stacked with banging new rock, metal, punk and whatever else happens to be lurking around including tunes from

Unknown Refuge – shadows
Seven Days And Doesn`t Die – deadbeat rodeo
Bearings – super deluxe
Shades Of Gray – music is my remedy
Shanghai Blues – save me
Helen Love – debbie take control of the stereo
The Beaters – will you still love me tomorrow
Lunatic Soul – navvie
Future Palace – lately
Magic Dance – zombie breath surprise
Twiztid – rose petal
PiG – rock n roll refugee
Motionless In White – somebody told me
Dragged Under – feel it
Final Stair – dreamhunter
Shokran – nature of the paradox
Attendant – bootlicker
Spiritbox – holy roller (Crystal Lake Remix)
Promise – human lips
Employed To Serve – party`s over
Gama Bomb – sheer khan
Damn Your Eyes – heavy is the head
The Curve – heavy
Alchemist – single sided
Red Harvest – godtech
Mnemic – db`xx`d

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