12 October 2019

Dancing With The Dead Podcast Oct 12

Every week a fresh set of hopefuls release music with the dream that it`s their big break, we sift through them, finding the diamonds and bring them front and centre for your aural pleasure
Rob Jarvis & The Mercury Sons – here we stand
Bellevue Days – shotgun
The Interrupters – bad guy
Royal Republic – under cover
Defining Lines – fall apart
Earthbound – of suffering
Sleep Token – gods
Elevation Falls – demon
Zepher – problems
Mortland – dirty egos
Saints Of Sin – nasty love
The Crooked 45 – voices on the radio
A Killers Confession – numb
A Projection – lucy shrine
Eleine – enemies
Dream State – twenty letters
She The Serpent – black rabbit
Eviscerate The Crown – unearthed
Beyond Extinction – dunestrider
Past The Fall – drainer
Primary Slave – electric dream state
Brutal Deluxe – soulmurder
Cortizone – jesus come up

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