18 November 2018

Dancing With The Dead Podcast November 17

Each week Ben Jekyll and Dancing With The Dead aim to bring you the best they can find in new tunes from the world of rock and metal.
Raging riffs and banging beats are what we are looking for!
This week contains new noise from
Razorwire Halo – sweat
Front Line Assembly – eye on you
Night Runner – west of the moon
Valley Queen – supergiant
We Are The Catalyst – the code
Lilith And The Knight – war cry
Tomorrow Is Lost – shadowman
Ithaca – the language of injury
Fiend – morning star
Fever333 – burn it
Dishonour The Crown – strength beyond strength
Tormenta – warcry
Dirge – lost empyrean
The Black Hands – 45
Skatune Network – what do you know about ska punk?
Anhedonia – so far below
Thousand Thoughts – perspectives
Slaves On Dop – pushing me
Taproot – again & again
Primer 55 – this life
Nothingface – ether
Snot – unplugged