11 November 2018

Dancing With The Dead Podcast November 10

Each week Ben Jekyll and Dancing With The Dead aim to bring the best they can find in new and fresh tunes from the worlds of rock, punk and metal to the air.

This week there was #newmusic from

Make Out Monday – bullet for your sweetheart
Red Kain – wings feat Kobra Paige
Xero – garden
Derange – runaway
Polar – drive
Alazka – the witness
Imminence – paralyzed
Currents – into despair
Cellar Darling – insomnia
Burning Witches – open your mind
FRCTRD – tyrant
Dishonour The Crown – officer down
Dream State – crawling
Tormenta – blackhole
The Alchemy – give me the light
Ithaca – the language of injury
Elasea – i can`t sleep
The Magpie Salute – for the wind
Mini Mansions – midnight in tokyo
River Fury – comfort is being fooled
Hollywood Undead – bloody nose
Kennedy Soundtrack – 24/7