08 November 2020

Dancing With The Dead Podcast Nov 07

Check out the latest podcast from Dancing With The Dead, hosted by Ben Jekyll.

This week`s show is presented in a mixtape style with no gaps from start to finish, wall to wall new music for two hours from

Hurtsfall – stars
Vukovi – slo
The 501`s – rage
Doom An Blue – ran down
Moonfever – undertaker
Firekind – if there`s any reason
Anything But Human – move on
Charcoal City – mechanical spine
Bloody Hammers – a night to dismember
Black Lakes – deathrone
Octopus Montage – right here with me
The Bloodshots – no way out
Under The Influence – body parts
The Kids – go back to canberra
Stuck Out – mindless
Fever 333 – bite back
Hatebreed – instinctive
Magg Dylan – you oughta know
My Kind Of Chaos – making zombies
Glass Waves – do it again
Cane Hill – power of the high
Ghostkid – this is not hollywood
Ignescent – exodus
While She Sleeps – sleeps society
Like Moths To Flames – selective sacrifice
Defy The Tyrant – fighting gravity
Black Rabbit – taken by the devil
Detachment – work horse
Employed To Serve – party`s over
Spiritbox – holy roller vs Crstal Lake
Arc Arrival – count havok among our sins
Incinery – ellison
Slayer – dittohead

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