09 May 2020

Dancing With The Dead Podcast May 09

Join Ben Jekyll for another slab of fresh as all hell metal, punk, rock and whatever else has arrived this week!

Featuring new music from

Orbital Junction – creep
Blame Zeus – deja vu
Vorstellan – burn
North Atlas – hypnotist
Scarlet – beauty & beast
Pissing Razors – left for dead
Raging Speedhorn – snakebite
Skinlab – amerikill
King 810 – dukes
Messgram – karma
Draconian – lustrous heart
DVSR – bloodlust feat CJ McMahon
Slaughter To Prevail – demolisher
Leo Moracchioli – i`m still standing
Vader – bones
Two Car Train – gone away
Black Sky Research – light up the sky
Disconnected – unstoppable
In Hearts Wake – son of a witch
Broozer – taste for blood
Four Stroke Baron – why a bitch gotta lie?
Currents – a flag to wave

And some classics from

Nine Inch Nails – the wretched
Stabbing Westward – violent mood swings
Apartment 26 – hallucinating
Killing Miranda – boys meets gun

Catch the show in its regular spot of 8-10pm UK time via mmhradio.co.uk

If you would like to request a classic to close with, or submit a new track for airplay drop a mail to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk