05 May 2019

Dancing With The Dead Podcast May 04

Each week Ben Jekyll and Dancing With The Dead aim to bring the best they can find you in new music.
It doesn`t matter if its rock, punk, metal, pop or industrial, if the beat hits the spot, it makes the cut.
This week includes
The Fallen State – for my sorrow
Alter The Design – third degree
Motionless In White – brand new numb
Rammstein – radio
Cosmic Ninja – sympathy
Dead Posey – fire burnin
Ignescent – into the night
Black Oak County – watch your back
Talsur – already dead
Doomcult – plague
Bloody Hammers – now the screaming starts
Maziac – escapism
Merricks Tusk – the ache
New Found Glory – let it go
Killerkorp – nightmare
Ghoulunatics – move along
Unburier – leviathan
Life Awaits – better now
Angels & Airwaves – rebel girl
The Midnight – america online
Timecop1983 – my delorean
Metric – risk
Aesthetic Perfection – never enough