20 January 2019

Dancing With The Dead Podcast January 19

Latest edition of Dancing With The Dead, and it`s business as usual, wall to wall new music to fill up your Saturday night, chances are though, if you are reading this, it`s not Saturday night!
But on the plus side, it does mean that you are looking at the shiny podcast, this week we have tunes from….
Project Redshift – crossfire
Scream Blue Murder – light it up
Hot Milk – awful ever after
Adelitas Way – notorious
Buckcherry – bent
Lolo Black – all in
Chasing Dragons – i`m no devil (i`m just a girl)
In Fear They Follow – solace
Ithaca – impulse crush
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – crowbar
Icarus Drive – the new gods
Commonwealth – runaway
ZamTrip – miles away
Phoenix Rising – do you know?
Ill Nino – sangre
Ill Nino – god save us *at the time of recording, Christian and the other former/ejected members had not come forward with a statement about the band
Democratus – damnation
Of Virtue – suffer
All Else Fails – the pause
Born Of Ire – cold stone sky
Amnesis – angeldust
Cheerbleederz – staying up late
De Staat – phoenix
FTR – collision
Then Comes Silence – warm like blood