22 February 2020

Dancing With The Dead Podcast Feb 22

Fresh slice of new noise from Ben Jekyll.

Mixing rock, metal, punk, indie, industrial and hardcore into one gurt big melting pot.

This week features music from

Lena Scissorhands – all the things she said feat Chase the Comet
Enter Shikari – {the dreamers hotel}
Heart of Gold – see through
The Final Clause of Tacitus – between the lines
Sorcia – nowhere but up
Fyresky – pleasure for pain
Zenith Moon – going under
Kim Jennet & Myke Gray – counts for nothing
Sky Valley Mistress – skull and pistons
Ankor – holy wolf
Semblant – murder of crows
Own Your Life – us
Severed Illusions – sink or swim
Hatebreed – when the blade drops
Insurgent – colours bleed
Aleya – loosing sleep
Falling In Reverse – the drug in me is reimagined
Silkrats – my reality
Silent Planet – trilogy
Ego Kill Talent – now!
Vorstellan – home
Kingsmen – nightmare
Code Orange – swallowing the rabbit whole
Genocide Superstars – hatestomp

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