19 August 2018

Dancing With The Dead Podcast August 18

Each week Dancing With The Dead tries to bring as much new tunes from the rock and metal world to the airwaves we can fit into two hours.
This week there`s tunes from

Fizzy Blood – strangers
Millie Manders and the ShutUp – one that got away
The Run Up – the upside of being down
Send Request – antisocial war
Miss Vincent – melanie 23.32
Blake Red – face it
Drug Church – avoidarama
Youth Killed It – headbutt
Emnibis – our past, our future
Pirate Copy – all drunks on deck
DeGreaser – chill position
The Devils Avocados – me and stephen hawking
Black Mirrors – gunther kimmich
Vodun – ascend
God Complex – breeding filth
The Five Hundred – bleed red
Crystal Lake – the circle
Terror – mental demolition
Cirka:Sik – sikness is health
Black Coast – break the routine
Soulfly – evil empowered
Blank Canvas – sing for something
Michael Romeo – fear the unknown
Lord of the Lost – haythor
Bloodsimple – path to prevail