04 August 2018

Dancing With The Dead Podcast August 04

Each week Dancing With The Dead aims to bring the best in fresh and new tunes to your ears.
Genre doesn`t matter here, if the riff is monstrous, the chorus catchy, there`s a chance it`ll make it in!
This week we had tracks from
Lakeshore – erased
Normandie – ecstasy
10 Years – burnout
You Me At Six – fast forward
Jake and the Jellyfish – spokesdog
The Barstool Preachers – choose my friends
The Kids – i just wanna be happy
Joyce Manor – million dollars to kill me
Send Request – falling to pieces
Eat Defeat – can`t say i`ll miss you
Black Mirrors – moonstone
Fyre Byrd – anywhere i am is home
Abandoned By Bears – so far gone
The Attack – bad guy
Halestorm – black vultures
Pelugion – bane of humanity
Cenfora – catalyst
Chasing Ghosts – one last try
Alice`s Night Circus – stand up
A Slice Of Life – restless gods
The Vintage Caravan – set your sights
Manes – endetidstegn
Canavar – sacriledge
Venues – nothing less
Master The Crown – meet your maker
Mad Capsule Markets – bit crusherrrr