25 April 2020

Dancing With The Dead Podcast April 25

Join Ben Jekyll for a rifle through the best new releases in world of rock, metal, punk, indie and whatever else he has managed to lay his mits on this week.

With new music from

Whitechapel – hickory creek (acoustic)
Katatonia – the winter of our passing
Haarm – take me away
Hey Chels – you`ve got you
Mad Haven – find a way
Broozer – taste for blood
Moon Fever – casanova
Thundermother – driving in style
The Crooks – in time
Knuckle Puck – rsvp
Lazerpunk – power (Sierra remix)
Carpenter Brut – grand final
RA The Rugged Man – the slayers club feat MOP, Vinne Paz, Chris Rivers, Onyx, Chino XL, Brand Nubian and Ice T
Polybius – who watches the watchmen
Oblivion Beach – elektrik forest
MushroomHead – seen it all
Nine Miles South – devils
King 810 – hellhounds
From Ashes to New – panic
Eyes of The Raven – twice around the sun
MDV – death to all
Madball – pride (times are changing)
Life of Agony – through and through
Vision Of Disorder – element
Downset – take `em out
Sick Of It All – potential for a fall
Biohazard – modern democracy

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