05 January 2020

Dancing With The Dead Nu Year Nu Metal Special Podcast

In a break from the norm, this first show of the year from Ben Jekyll is one of his annual shows, a celebration of Nu Metal featuring bands of the glory days of the style as well as some current bands still working within the genre.

This week features music from

Scars Of Protest – weapons + morals
One Minute Silence – a waste of things to come
(hed)p.e. – 33
Shootyz Groove – faithful
ded – hate me
Cane Hill – gemini
BoyHitsCar – lovecore (welcome to)
Enemo J – dort funlop
Taproot – again & again
Boiler Room – patience
Dry Kill Logic – nothing
Spineshank – slavery
Static X – night terrors
Dope – take your best shot
Substance D – who am i
Professional Murder Music – slow
Tura Satana – dry
Guano Apes – open your eyes
Human Waste Project – powerstrip
Kennedy Soundtrack – 24/7
Psycore – i go solo
Deadsy – key to grammercy park
The Deadlights – junk
Videodrone – ty jonathan down

The show will be back for business as usual next week from 8-10pm on Saturday night.

Drop a mail to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk to submit a track for airplay.