01 January 2022

Dancing With The Dead Nu Metal Nu Year 22 Special Editon

In a break from the norm, this first show of the year from Ben Jekyll is one of his annual shows, a celebration of Nu Metal featuring bands of the glory days of the style as well as some current bands still working within the genre.

This week features music from

Sevendust – break the walls down
Bullyrag – learn to live
Senser – 2 3 clear
Latch – burn
Stoopi – drawn
No One – chemical
Drowning Pool – mute
Mindset – die, ricki, die
Hoobastank – crawling in the dark
Trust Company – downfall
Skrape – what you say
Methods of Mayhem – anger management
Sick Puppies – rock kids
The Step Kings – right is wrong
Disturbed – the game
(hed)pe – waiting to die
Tura Satana – six feet deep
Otep – ghostflowers
Mudvayne – internal primates forever
One Minute Silence – fish out of water
Soulfly – no hope no fear
Taproot – again & again
Number One Son – pulling strings
The Workhorse Movement – livin` evil

The show will be back for business as usual next week from 8-10pm on Saturday night.

Drop a mail to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk to submit a track for airplay.