02 May 2021

Dancing With The Dead Mrs Jekyll Picks Vol 2

In December 2020 Ben Jekyll asked his wife to pick him a setlist for his show.

She did.

It was epic.

So epic that she was asked to do it again.

And this time the same heights were scaled with music from

Dirty Pretty Things – bang bang you`re dead
The Fratellis – chelsea dagger
Red Hot Chili Peppers – otherside
Biffy Clyro – the captain
Good Charlotte – the anthem
Terrorvision – perseverance
My Chemical Romance – dead!
Paramore – ignorance
Dead By Sunrise – crawl back in
Audioslave – set it off
Three Days Grace – animal i have become
Oleander – hands off the wheel
Billie Eilish – no time to die
Chris Cornell – you know my name
Garbage – the world is not enough
Guano Apes – open your eyes
Skunk Anansie – lately
Pendulum – propane nightmares
Bring Me The Horizon – mantra
Silverchair – shade
Cold – whatever you became
Green Day – 21 guns
Stone Sour – through glass

Normal business will resume next week from 8-10pm UK time on a Saturday night with 2 hours of fresh and shiny new music, via mmhradio.co.uk

Did you like the choices? Got any suggestions?

Drop a mail to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk , I do listen to every submission!