07 July 2019

Dancing With The Dead July 06 Podcast

Did you miss the new noise extravaganza?
Do you want to hear some of the best new songs from the rock, metal, punk, indie, whatever the hell I lay my hands on worlds of music?
If so, you are in the right place, this weeks show contains new music from
Gender Roles – you look like death
Gaffa Tape Sandy – so dry
Angel Du$t – let me know
Finches of Attica – killswitch
KoRn – you`ll never find me
Skinlab – dead tomorrow
Pissing Razors – the crushing grip
Dielsel Machine – shut it
Misry Loves Co. – only happy when it rains
3Teeth – pumped up kicks
Leo Moracchioli – know your enemy
Infected Rain – the earth mantra
BabyMetal – pa pa ya!
Visionatica – roxanna, the great
Floorboards – low
Tirade – to be honest
Sinner – fiesta y copas
Stray Cats – when nothing`s going right
K Michelle Dubois – waves break
Dead Label – triggered
Thy Art Is Murder – make america hate again
Carnifex – world war x
The Haunted – abysmal