05 February 2022

Dancing With The Dead Ignition Takeover

Join Ben Jekyll for the second in a run of specifically themed shows.

This week the focus is Industrial/EBM/Goth music, inspired by one of the other shows, namely Heresy with Adz and an old club night that Ben Jekyll used to DJ at with his old colleagues Davo and Lucky 13.

The setlist reflects both the classic club night and the tunes of the current show and included 

Stabbing Westward – torn apart
Filter – it`s gonna kill me
Nine Inch Nails – heresy
Gravity Kills – here (Mark Saunders Mix)
God Lives Underwater – from your mouth
FrozenPlasma – crossroads
VNV Nation – nemesis
Icon Of Coil – dead enough for life
Protofield – severe sever
Pendulum – witchcraft
K.M.F.D.M. – spit sperm
VAST – three doors
Rob Zombie – demonoid phenomenon
Ministry – radar love
Sweet Vs The Mission – ballroom blitz
Blutengel – you walk away
Aesthetic Perfection – never enough
Faderhead – TZDV
Combichrist – today i woke to the rain of blood
Killing Miranda – i know what you want
Rammstein – mein land
Static X – trance is the motion

Join Ben Jekyll next week for a show full of tunes picked by his wife, this will be the third time she has taken control of the setlist, from 8pm UK time via mmhradio.co.uk

Direct any distain or praise, or suggestions/requests to benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk