04 July 2022

Dancing With The Dead FiXT 6 Mixtape

Join Ben Jekyll for the first in a series of half year highlights mixtapes.

The first is a look at one of the most consistent labels releasing music in 2022, FiXT Records.

Featuring music exclusively from their roster with 

Fury Weekend – dancekiller feat Robin Adams (Monflame Remix)
Scandroid – shout (The Forgotten Remix)
Ovrgrwn – maybe next year (Droid Bishop Remix)
Moonrunner83 – greatest night of our lives feat King Protea
3Force – ghost
Nouveau Arcade & The Anix – apart feat Cordelia
HighSociety – rip my heart out feat Skyler Cocco
Cassetter – violent servants
Daedric – wretched (Kaixo Remix)
Circle of Dust – parasite (Animatronic Remix)
Teddy Killerz & Celldweller – clone (HighSociety Remix)
Cyazon – artificial tears feat Becko
Kaixo – disassemble
Voicians – we won`t ever be there
Soul Extract – exploit (Nutronic Remix)
The Algorithm – data renaissance
totto – hashmal
The Anix – below (Extra Terra Remix)
Void Chapter – target acquired feat Megan McDuffee
Celldweller – baptized in fire (Fight The Fade Remix)
Fight The Fade – where you go i go
Nitroverts – where i belong
Vantervice – the machine
Toronto Is Broken – circle feat Sebotage
Seething Akira – punishment instructions
Raizer – hate
Young Medicine – ufo party
Becko X Prymus – faceless
The Plague – fallen 2.0

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