06 July 2020

Dancing With The Dead Fist Half Mixtape Vol 2

A new mixtape, a biggest challenge so far this year, trying to distill down the best bits from the first 6 months into one mix.

It didn`t happen! So instead welcome to volume 2 of the first half mixes.

This volume contains punk, hardcore, metalcore and metal

The first volume, published a few days ago contains the rock, indie and industrial highlights.

In this volume

King Nun – chinese medicine
Destrends – missing people
Lazer Eye – stuck
SickOnes – agility
Bobby Funk – i`m a cat
The Owen Guns – f**k cyclists
Moot – i hate hippies
The Hawkins – roomer
The Kids – the family situation
Idles – mr.motivator
Four Year Strong – get out of my head
Attendant – from adam
False Heads – rabbit hole
Broozer – taste for blood
Smiling Assassin – national pride
Ocean Grove – neo
Dregg – hectic
The Uneven – punching bag
Crematory – unbroken
Versus Me – violence
Code Orange – underneath
After Silence – not falling down
Savage Hands – blue
Novelists FR – c`est la vie
Disconnected – unstoppable
In Hearts Wake – son of a witch
Currents – second skin
Polaris – hypermania
Blackcast – the american dream
Rise Of The North Star – sayonara
August Burns Red – defender
Bleed From Within – into nothing
Malevolence – keep your distance
Die Another Day – fear the future
Diaminds On Neptune – erase
Irist – burning sage
Sepultura – means to an end
Testament – night of the witch
Body Count – bum rush
Exhorder – the man that never was
Razor Sharp Death Blizzard – suicide
Atarka – the bastard
Aversions Crown – born in the gutter
Hands of Attrition – i`m gone
The Wise Mans Fear – firefall
Among Your Gods – your choice

A huge thank you to every band, label and PR company that have sent their songs over to the station, please continue to do so. without your help the station will die.

This mix was created by Ben Jekyll, you can catch his show Saturday night, 8-10pm UK time on mmhradio.co.uk