02 March 2021

Dancing With The Dead February Mixtape 2021

Each month join Ben Jekyll for a mish mash of the best bits that have been submitted to the station.

We dash through rock, punk, indie, industrial, goth, metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, metalcore, death metal and whatever else gets thrown our way.

This month features music from

Electric Century, Manchester Orchestra, Berries, Gender Roles, Shanghai Blues, Ruin of Romantics.

We get punky with

The Owen Guns, Kombi Killers, Drowned Out, Human Failure, Fever333, Stepson, Klubber Lang, The Chase, Redhook.

We get rocky with

The Missing Letters, The Offspring, Hot Breath, In The Whale, Lowlives, Horsemeat, noSecret, Icon For Hire, Black Lakes, Artie Ziff, Cheap Meat, Hanna Barakat, Modern Mimes

We get electronic with

Jump The Fall covering Nine Inch Nails, Aesthetic Perfection, North Atlas, Noisecide

We get groovy with

16, Beastwood, Jakethehawk

And we get noisy with

As Strange As Angels, Sumo Cyco, Seething Akira, Escape The Fate, As Everything Unfolds, While She Sleeps, Dreamshade, Void Of Vision, Erra, Architects, Of Mice and Men, Oceans, Hollywood Nightmare, Slave Steel and Cannibal Corpse

Big thanks to every single PR and band that have submitted their songs.

Feel free to submit or recommend anything or anyone that we missed via benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk 

Catch his normal show every Saturday from 8-10pm via mmhradio.co.uk