10 October 2020

Dancing With The Dead Fear Factory Special Edition

Join Ben Jekyll for a special edition of Dancing With The Dead.

This week we take a look at the career of Fear Factory and play a song from every album they have released.

Fear Factory – scapegoat
Fear Factory – body hammer
Fear Factory – national panel beating
Fear Factory – resurrection
Fear Factory – acres of skin
Fear Factory – soulwound
Fear Factory – cyberdyne
Fear Factory – archetype
Fear Factory – 540,000 fahrenheit
Fear Factory – powershifter
Fear Factory – new messiah
Fear Factory – soul hacker

And we also find time for some new music and some classics from

Cypher 16 – it`s a long way back (from this road)
Magic Dance – zombie breath surprise
Kinstrife – bombs
Plants – friend
Happy – background noise
Club Dread – floor gazer
Landmvrks – rainfall

Stabbing Westward – violent mood swings
White Zombie – feed the gods
Inter Arma – march of the pigs

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