29 December 2019

Dancing With The Dead End Of The Year Podcast

The final full show of the year, The End Of The Year Show, where we endeavour to highlight as many awesome moments of the last 12 months as we can condense into 2 hours!

This week we shout about…..

Empirion – adsr
Thrillsville – second sleep
IAMWARFACE – say my name
KMFDM – paradise
Falling In Reverse – popular monster
Tom MacDonald – i wish
NF – the search
Upchurch – travellers with Struggle Jennings
Nightlives – ways of making you talk
A Killers Confession – numb
Kaine – loudwire
Savage Master – myth, magic and steel
Scars of Protest – switchblade
Killerkorp – to be the hunter
Skinlab – overcoming
Hacktivist – dogs of war
Enemo J – this is why we can`t have nice things
Sister Shotgun – sacred heart
Nebula State – apocalypse
BabyMetal – elevator girl
BodyCount – carnivore
Beast In Black – die by the blade
Greyface – yin
Sick Puppies – you`re going down

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