14 December 2021

Dancing With The Dead Electro Mixtape 2021

Join Ben Jekyll for the third in the annual end of year highlights mixtapes.

This collection features music from the electronic world.

From 80s flavoured synthwave through industrial, EBM and alternative darkwave the bass and the beat are always king here.

We have tunes from…..

Heart Of Gold – headache
Hurtwave – overdose
Michael Elliot – love
Aesthetic Perfection – save myself feat Isaac Howlett
Scandroid – writing`s on the wall Deadlife Remix
D Noise – tell me
Trevor Something – what you`re doing to me
The Anix – quicksand feat Inhuman
Weird Wolves – overdrive
Clicks – clicks.dead
Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum – nevertheless
Front Line Assembly – alone
JG And The Robots – robots in berlin feat Jean-Luc de Meyer Sebastian Komor Remix
The Mobile Homes – via dolorosa
Mildreda – inner judgement
Perturbator – death of the soul
Lazerpunk – netrunner feat Donbor
Hollywood Burns – saturday night screamer
The Algorithm – decompilation
Foxhunt – skullduggery
Masked – still living feat Pigeonchild
Punt Guns – nemesis
Hocico – broken empires
Celldweller – blind lead the blind
Heavy Halo – black seed
The Joke Jay – awake
Them Guns – shot in the dark
Blitz Union – plastic
Smash Into Pieces – my wildest dream
MaHa Rocks – too often i was offered to die (Metal version)
North Atlas – house of mirrors
Noisecide – my desires
Ludovico Technique – becoming numb
White Collor Sideshow – like spiders weave
Jump The Fall – terrible lie
The Pretty Fragile – fight fear
Tayne – silence
Daedric – sepulchre
Nitroverts – starting point
Turmion Katilot – hengita
Eggvn – lucifer ex machina
My Beautiful Suicide – the reckoning
Ministry – search and destroy
Seething Akira – smile thief
Nightlives – trivialise
Rabbitjunk – denature Lazerpunk Remix

Thank you to every band, label, PR company/person, fan, fans dog/cat or other that has suggested or sent through a submission.

Each and every one is appreciated and listened to.

Without these, we are nothing, so sincerely thank you.

We hope you like the mix, there`s more to come soon with highlights mixtapes of rock, metal, punk, and more.

This mix was created by Ben Jekyll, you can catch him hosting Dancing With The Dead on a Saturday night from 8-10pm UK time via mmhradio.co.uk