11 September 2021

Dancing With The Dead August 21 Mixtape

Each month join Ben Jekyll for a look at the best of the best that we have been lucky enough to have had submitted, all mixed and mashed into one gurt big mix/mash up.

We dash through rock, punk, indie, industrial, goth, metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, metalcore, death metal and whatever else gets thrown our way.

This month features music from

Heavy Halo – black seed
Ministry – search and destroy
Luna Reign – still life
Unto Others – downtown
Aesthetic Perfection – american psycho
Nitroverts – starting point
Seething Akira – smile thief
Smash Into Pieces – glow in the dark
White Collar Sideshow – like spiders weave
Rebecca Lou – bad heart
Real Friends – teeth
Grayscale – babylon ( say it to my face )
Yep May Yep – beautiful girl
Badflower – dumboi
Idles – model village feat Slowthai
Bob Vylan – pretty songs
Turnstile – blackout
Every Time I Die – post boredom
The Hellfreaks – old tomorrows
Millie Manders and The Shut Up – broken record
Silk Rats – rat trap
Smoking Martha – liquid sunshine
Night Thieves – atoned
Feral Sun – stand up
RinRin – blacksheep
Lunar Woods – dead end
Danko Jones – start the show
Caskets – drowned in emotion
Hawthorne Heights – the rain just follows me
Kill The Silence – sinner
Press To MECO – sabotage
Feeder – torpedo
Bailer – gateway drug
Volumes – get enough
No Paradise – silence
Pridelands – the walls
Dying Wish – until mourning comes
Wage War – high horse
Memphis May Fire – bleed me dry
Spiritbox – hurt you
Panopticon – silent planet
Crown The Empire – in another life feat Courtney La Plant
Blood Youth – body of wire
Elimination – victims by design
Massacre – the innsmouth strain
Aeon – church of horror
Mark Sinestra – the black horns
Carnifex – slit wrist saviour

Big thanks to every single PR and band that have submitted their songs.

Feel free to submit or recommend anything or anyone that we missed via benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk 

Catch his normal show every Saturday from 8-10pm via mmhradio.co.uk