04 May 2021

Dancing With The Dead April Mixtape Noisy Bits

For the first time ever, we have a month that has been impossible to cut down to one mixtape.

As such it`s gonna be in two parts, this part features the noisier and heavier tracks that were submitted to mmhradio.co.uk in April

Aurora Project UK – pack of lies
One Morning Left – re=uthless resistance
Neonfly – the future, tonight feat Biorn Speed Strid
Transport League – march, kiss, die feat Sal Abrusco
Divided Truth – damage
Void Vator – great fear rising
Flotsam And Jetsam – burn the sky
Primal Creation – lie share subcribe
Reality Grey – powerblast
Club Dread – apathetic
Quicksand – inversion
The Liars CLub – 8 tonne
Resolve – seasick sailor
While She Sleeps – systematic
Venues – shifting colors
Talladdin – friend like me
Vantablack – lost in hysteria
Oceans – shark tooth feat Christoph Wieczorek
Tetrarch – addicted
After Silence – the maniac
Another Now – parallax
Archon – gloom
Ghost Iris – cult
Nothing Noble – eternal change
Billy Boy In Prison – umbra
Imminence – temptation
Wars Apart – hate as an anthem
thecityisours – violent
Our Hollow Our Home – seven years
Bloodred Hourglass – veritas
Vatican – fractured god
Defocus – thought of a vision
Consvmer – fur eure tyrannen
Vexed – misery
Osiah – the eye of the swarm feat Ben Duerr
Cannibal Corpse – necrogenic resurrection

Big thanks to every single PR and band that have submitted their songs.

Feel free to submit or recommend anything or anyone that we missed via benjekyll@mmhradio.co.uk 

This mix was constructed by Ben jekyll

Catch his normal show every Saturday from 8-10pm via mmhradio.co.uk