20 November 2021

Dancing With Pure Rock Fury Vol 4

Join Ben Jekyll for his own little version of Pure Rock Fury.
He is including a few touches of the Cash original with his singles of the month and the weekly dose of Clutch.
This week features a look at the career of Feeder as well as what else made the mix below….
Weezer – feels like summer
Stereophonics – check my eyelids for holes
Faith No More – ashes to ashes
Fearless Vampire Killers – neon in the dancehalls
MaHa Rocks – too often i was offered to die
The Metal Byrds – absolute
Cane Hill – 86d no escort
Feeder – w.i.t.
Feeder – cement
Feeder – waiting for changes
Feeder – we can`t rewind
Feeder – helium
Feeder – undivided
Feeder – pushing the senses
Feeder – tracing lines
Feeder – renegades
Feeder – idaho
Feeder – eskimo
Feeder – youth
Feeder – torpedo
Colour Arcadia – on the edge
Verses – live in the sky
Clutch – passive restraints
High Desert Queen – as we roam
Ben Hemming – lost faith
Fyveyes – come and love me
Catch Ben Jekyll again next week for a dash through some fresh rock from 4pm UK time
You can also catch him from 8pm UK hosting his usual show Dancing With The Dead
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