07 March 2021

Dancing In The House of Loud Vol 2

Join Ben Jekyll for a second crack of the House of Loud whip as he fills in for the holidaying Skid.
On this show we have music from

Anthrax – hy glo pro
Metallica – dirty window
Megadeth – this day we fight!
Slayer – dittohead
Testament – down for life
Exodus – war is my shepherd
Danzig – mother
Rollins Band – liar
CKY – rio bravo
Deftones – be quiet and drive (far away)
Alice In Chains – dam that river
Audioslave – set it off
Stone Temple Pilots – vasoline
Nirvana – lithium
Dead By Sunrise – crawl back in
Danko Jones – city streets
Span – baby`s come back
Dog Almighty – sinner
The Wildhearts – sick of drugs
Feeder – cement
Incubus – drive
The Coral – pass it on
Franz Ferdinand – ulysses
The Cardigans – sabbath bloody sabbath

Catch Smudge next week for Sunday lunch before the return of Skid.
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