17 November 2017

The Breakfast Show 17/11/17



Another chance to listen to the Breakfast Show that aired live on Friday November 17th 2017.


Tracklist –

Def Leppard – Ring Of Fire

Operation: Mindcrime – Under Control

Nocturnal Rites – Repent My Sins

Gun – The Boy Who Fooled The World

Nickelback – Feed The Machine

Saxon – I Can’t Wait Anymore

Savage Messiah – Hands Of Fate

Audioslave – Show Me How To Live

Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver

Deep Purple – Johnny’s Band

Europe – Walk The Earth

Cats In Space – Broken Wing

Stone Temple Pilots – Meadow

P.O.D – Alive

Pink Cream 69 – Path Of Destiny

Eclipse – Born To Lead

The Boom Sons – Move Your Derriere

Black Sabbath – Supernaut

Jeff Scott Soto – Breakout

Iron Maiden – Aces High (live)

Jethro Tull – Living In The Past

Helix – Heavy Metal Cowboys

Inglorious – I Don’t Need Your Loving

Opeth – Sorceress

Love/Hate – Wasted In America