31 March 2018

AUGURY SPECIAL – The Abyss – 30.3.18


This week on The Abyss, Jake Darch goes through the latest AUGURY album and plays his top picks from the Canadian Progressive Tech-Death Metal group.

A selection of Progressive Doom Metal from the likes of Agalloch, Choral Hearse and Katatonia.

Instrumental bangers by Angel Vivaldi, INTERVALS and unsigned artists Lightwire. And classics from Pain Of Salvation, Nevermore and Suns of Tundra.


Angel Vivaldi – An Erisian Autumn
Intervals – I’m Awake
The Mars Volta -Dyslexicon
Choral Hearse – An Abduction
Tool – Vicarious
Lightwire – No Page Left Blank
Becoming The Archetype – The Great Fall (The Physics of Fire Pt 1)
Agalloch – Birth And Death Of The Pillars Of Creation
Pain Of Salvation – Dedication
Augury – Illusive Golden Age
Augury – Maritime
Augury – The Living Vault
Augury – Carrion Tide
Nevermore – Who Decides
Suns Of The Tundra – Scissors Cut Paper
Augury – Parrallel Biospheres
Augury – Mater Dolorosa
Katatonia – 12