17 August 2020

American Pie (2nd Slice) – The Lost Art with Steve Gould 16th Aug 2020

Returning with a second slice of American Prog, Steve Gould concludes his mini retrospective of all things PROG coming out of the US of A !! Featured in this episode…………..

Presto Ballet – The Mind Machine
Starcastle – Wings Of White
Pattern Seeking Animals – Soon But Not Today
Toto – Home Of The Brave (Live)
Magellan – Why Water Weeds
Explorer’s Club – Impact 3: No Returning
Liquid Tension Experiment – Another Dimension
Planet X – Inside Black
Circa – Empire Over
Elysian Fields – Astral World
OSI – The Escape Artist
Dream Theater – Pale Blue Dot
John Petrucci – Terminal Velocity
Salem Hill – Hurt
Echolyn – Island
Izz – Don’t Panic
Cirrus Bay – Crosswinds
Zombi – Breakthrough And Conquer
Umphrey’s McGee – 1348 (abridged)