01 December 2019

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 29.11.19


Join Adam Onslaught on this week’s show for the airing of the new charity single “You’re the Voice” from The Rock All Stars featuring some wonderful artists for the valuable work of the charity “Mind”. We also have some other great new releases from around the globe.
On the show.
A Life Divided-Enemy
A New Hope-The Triggering
Attic Theory-My Own Design
Badflower-The Jester
Betray The Throne-Stand Your Ground
Blood Youth-Playing The Victim
Caine-Get Up 42
Cyhra-No Halos in Hell
Esoterica-In Dreams
Fever 333-Kingdom
Graces Collide-Ride
Imperial Wax-Bromidic Thrills
Koburg-We Could be Angels
Liberty Lies-United Nothing
Magnum-Not Forgiven
Piston-Mama we’re all Crazy Now
Silverthorne-Black River Rising
Skillet-Save Me
Soil-One Love
Temperance-Mission Impossible
The Cherry Dolls-State of Mind
The Hu- Yuve Yuve feat Danny Case (From Ashes to New)
The Rock All Stars- You’re the Voice
The Self Titled-Breathe