30 January 2021

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 29.01.21

Greetings and salutations one and all and as we continue to get to know the inside of our houses intimately and to another edition of The Global Onslaught on MMH-The Home of Rock Radio. On the show this week we have a very special guest Mr Biff Byford of NWOBHM pioneers Saxon. Biff will be joining the show to talk about their upcoming album “Inspirations”, a collection of songs lovingly recreated that inspired the band. All that and this list of tremendous talent.

On the Show.

Arcaeon- Zenith II-Arcadia
Black Stone Cherry- In Love with The Pain
Blaze Bayley-War Within Me
Circus 66-Jekyll or Hyde
Corey Taylor- Samantha’s Gone
Daemon Grey-Isolated
Daze of June-Four Knives
Edenthorn-A Matter of Opinion
Foo Fighters-Waiting on a War
Gasoline Thrill-Blind
Hail the Sun-Domino
Holding Absence-Afterlife
Joanna Connor-I Feel So Good
Matt Peach-Cut Our Teeth
Midnite City-Crawlin’ In The Dirt
Motor Jesus-Dead Rising
Phil X and The Drills-I Love You On Her Lips
Quiet The Thief-Bringer of Bad News
Rome- Parlez-Vous Hate
Saxon-Speed King
Siamese-Can’t Force The Love
The Jailbirds-I Will Move On
The Survival Code-Magnetic
The Vitrines-Something New
Them Bloody Kids- Freedom of Peace
Uncut-Snake Boogie
Wayward Sons- Even Up The Score