27 March 2021

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 26.03.21

Welcome, greetings and salutations to another edition of The Global Onslaught with your host Adam Onslaught on MMH The Home of Rock Radio. We have two special guests this week who although are poles apart in many ways hold a common thread that binds us all, rock n’ roll. Our first guest is a guitarist and the only remaining member of the original line up for his band.
Sweet were one of the most iconic bands of British music during the 1970’s and today we find the music living on through this new line-up and at the helm, a man on guitar who has been part of our DNA for nearly 50 years. We welcome Andy Scott of Sweet as our first guest on the show.

Our second guest has rock n’ roll swagger, is an incredible vocalist and today celebrates the release of their brand-new album “Mojo Skyline”. In the second hour we talk to John Drake of The Dust Coda.

And if that wasn’t enough we have this stellar playlist to get the weekend to the right start.

On the show.

Badflower- Fuck the World
Black Orchid Empire- Come In
Cheap Trick- Boys & Girls & Rock n’ Roll
Chemia- Angina
Dead Label-Deadweight
Hail the Sun- Made Your Mark
Holding Absence- In Circles
Oceans- Voices
Pop Evil- Set Me Free
Press to MECO- Smouldering Sticks
Rise Against- Nowhere Generation
Serj Tankian- Electric Yerevan
Siamese- Enough Ain’t Enough
The Damn Truth- This is Who We Are Now
The Dust Coda- Breakdown
The Dust Coda- Limbo Man
The Mercy Kills- Like You
The Vintage Caravan- Crystallized
This Dying Hour-Cornered
Twisted Illusion-Online and In Line