01 March 2021

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 26.02.21

Welcome, greetings and salutations one and all and another week’s edition of The Global Onslaught. I know I mention every week that it’s “another exciting edition” but this week REALLY is as I proudly announce my guests this Friday.

My first guest was at the front of British Rock Giants Little Angels, had a very successful solo career and back for a third album with the saviours of Rock n’ Roll Wayward Sons, Toby Jepson joins Adam in the first hour.

In the second hour of this weeks show we bring you a very special guest, a music statesman and someone who is woven into the very fabric of 20th and 21st Century contemporary music and the longest serving member of worldwide Rock Titan’s Toto. Celebrating the release day of his brand-new solo album “I Found the Sun Again” we welcome Steve Lukather as our second guest on this weeks show.

To accompany our special guest we have a whole host of new, guitar influence magnificence for you to enjoy.

On the show.

Alesti- Voices
Arielle- Peace of Mind
Brandon Gibbs- Lost Boys
Dreamshade- Stone Cold Digital
Foreign Wolf- Alone
Ghost Iris- Desert Dread
Gojira- Born for One Thing
Molly Karloff- She Said
Myles Kennedy- In Stride
One Morning Left- Sinners Are Winners
Press to Meco- Another Day
Rise Against- Broken Dreams, Inc.
Standing Like Statues- Skylines
Steve Lukather- Along for The Ride
Unknown Refuge- Battle Hymn
Wayward Sons- Even Up the Score
White Void- The Shovel and The Cross