22 May 2021

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 21.05.21

Greetings and salutations one and all to another week of incredible discovery into the world of guitar-influenced music on The Global Onslaught. We have two guests this week; Matt Jones of Manchester progressive giants Twisted Illusion, talking about their latest release “Temple of Artifice” and Josh Devine and Jules Galli of Levara join me to talk about their MASSIVE debut self-titled album. Great conversations and wonderful music from both of my guests this week and we include a playlist of magnificent new releases in between.

On the show this week.

Acolyte- Resentment
Bicurious- Palapalapa
Billy F Gibbons- My Lucky Card
Blackberry Smoke- All Over the Road
Blood Oath- Monuments to Our Ruin
Boss Keloid- Smiling Thrush
Ellis Mano Band- The Question
Levara- Automatic
Levara- On for the Night
Pain- Gimme Shelter
Ricky Warwick- You’re My Rock n’ Roll
Skarlett Riot- Breaking the Habit
Tayne- Silence
Troy Redfern- Waiting for Your Love
Twisted Illusion- Apocalypse…lol
Twisted Illusion- A Moment of Lucidity
Venues- Uncaged Birds
Vola- Inside Your Fur
Wrex- Wide Eyes