20 March 2021

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 19.03.21

Greetings and Salutations to a very Special Edition of The Global Onslaught. This week’s show is packed full of the very best in guitar-influenced music from all around the planet and our guest on this episode has a guitar of her own creation.

ARIELLE is a singer, songwriter and innovator, her latest album “Analog Girl in a Digital World” will be released on 7th May 2021 but at the end of this month (March) her signature “The Arielle” guitar is set to launch and be released by BRIAN MAY Guitars (Yes, the Brian May from Queen).Arielle’s and Brian’s friendship goes back from her time performing on the hit musical WE WILL ROCK YOU and their shared love of creating and the attention to detail in the making of this new guitar. We dig deep with Arielle to find out more.

Also on this week’s show we have this list of incredible talent.

Arielle- Peace of Mind
Arogya- Dust
Balance Breach- Show You The Sun
Being As An Ocean- Catch the Wind
Ben Ash- Haxan
Dead Label- Deadweight
Dead Poet Society- I Never Loved Myself Like I Loved You
Haxan- Skeletons
Introspect- The Wisdom of the Mountains
Jacob Bryant- Pour Whiskey On My Grave
Lugosi- Hellfire Club
Normandie- Thrown in The Gutter
Rave The Reqviem- Phantom Pain
Rob Zombie- Crow Killer Blues
Saxon- Paperback Writer
Skarlett Riot- Stronger
Sumo Cyco- Bystander
The Dust Coda- Jimmy 2 Times
The Vintage Caravan- Crystallized
Thundermother- The Road is Ours
White Void- There Is No Freedom But The End