20 February 2021

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 19.02.21

Welcome, greetings and salutations one and all to an EXTRA special edition of The Global Onslaught with your host, Adam Onslaught. This is show of two half’s but with a combined magnitude to knock out a small planet, we couldn’t create more stars in the cosmos than we have on this week’s show.

Our first guest has had an incredible career to date which began with New Model Army, The Almighty, countless appearances in collaboration and fronting one of the UK’s favourites Black Star Riders. A noteworthy solo career our guest, Ricky Warwick joins us to talk about his brand-new release “When Life Was Hard and Fast”, sharing the experience with his daughter and the exciting, live feel of this incredible album. Not to be missed.

Our second guest needs very little introduction other than she is the undisputed Queen of Rock n’ Roll. With over 50 years and 50 million plus albums sold she is the inspiration for such stars as Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Kathy Valentine and many more. Her new album “The Devil In Me” is set to be the most successful album of her career to date and despite falling ill to Covid 19 last year she is back stronger and re energised with this fantastic new album. We welcome Suzi Quatro to the show as our guest.

If this double-feature of excellence wasn’t enough we have a whole host of varied and brilliant music to bring the weekend to your doorstep an on your stereo!

On the show.

Architects- Meteor
Arielle- Peace of Mind
As Everything Unfolds- Grayscale
Ayron Jones- Mercy
Ben Ash- Until The Mask Slips
Dead Reynolds- Bright Lights
Icon For Hire- Waste My Hate
Kings of Leon- Echoing
Lamb of God- Ghost Shaped People
Matt Springfield- The End of Life
Of Mice and Men- Timeless
Pet Needs- Tracy Emin’s Bed
Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum- Airhead
Ricky Warwick- When Life Was Hard and Fast
Ricky Warwick- Fighting Heart
Serj Tankian- Elasticity
Stepson- Deeper Sleep
Suzi Quatro- Betty Who
Suzi Quatro- Hey Queenie
Twisted Illusion- Apocalypse #LOL