19 April 2020

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 17.04.20

Welcome to another week and another trip around the world with The Global Onslaught. On this week’s show we have brand new singles from The Blues Pills, Alkaline Trio and Cicadastone to name just a few.

We also feature some of your great “Lowdown on the Lock down” stories, letting us know how you’re passing the time whilst staying safe indoors with some of the great, fun activities you’ve been planning together.

On the show.

Alkaline Trio-Minds Like Minefields
Atarka-Tollund Man
Bad Touch-I Get High
Blues Pills-Low Road
Cicadastone-Box of Anger
Clams-Come Back Home
Clutch- Willie Nelson
Code Orange-The Easy Way
Dali-Borrowed Time
Devilfire-Dream Evil
Devilskin-All Fall Down
Fit For An Autopsy-Fear Tomorrow
Graces Collide-Another Sun
Hedra-Broken Bones
Jim Davies-Trigger Finger
Joe Satriani- Ali Farka, Dick Dale an Alien and Me
Kingsmen-World on Fire
Nightwish-How’s the Heart
Oh Nova-Nobody Move
Palace of the King-Tell it Like it is
Radio Rejects-The Greatest
Robert Jon and The Wreck-Oh Miss Carolina
Skarlett Riot-Human
The Dukes of Bordello-Think I’m Turning Psycho
Them Bloody Kids-Freedom of Peace