17 August 2019

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 16.08.19

The Global Onslaught this week takes us around the world amongst the movers and shakers in the world of Music. We also welcome WDFD to the show and we look at what they have in store for us with some amazing artists. All that and the world-wide premier of the brand-new single from Roadhouse Diet “She’s a Demon”.

On the show this week.

Black Dog-Hot Stuff
Black Futures-Body & Soul
Eyes of the Raven-Black Sun Rising
Hell’s Addiction-Masking the Pain
Hellyeah-Welcome Home
Kikamora-Wrong Place, Right Time
Killswitch Engage-I am Broken Too
Kim Jennett-Psycho
Lacuna Coil-Layers of Time
Mad Haven-Light it Up
Michael Monroe-One Man Gang
MSRY-Still Breaks my Heart
Phil Campbell-These Old Boots
Roadhouse Diet- She’s a Demon
Saint Asonia-The Hunted
Scars of Protest-Switchblade
Shyyne-Shyyne On
Slipknot-Birth of the Cruel
Tarot Rats-Only the Brave
Teramaze-Are We Soldiers
The Howling Tides-He Told Me
The Lazys-Half Mast Blues
The Raconteurs-Sunday Driver
Theia-Children of Change
Wayward Sons- Joke’s on You
White Raven Down-Take Me