18 November 2019

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 15.11.19

Welcome to another edition of The Global Onslaught with your host Adam Onslaught as we take another trip together around the world and check out all the latest releases from some of the world’s most exciting, emerging artists and those who have established themselves over the past decades.
On this week’s show.
Agnostic Front-I Remember
Anchor Lane- Fame Shame
Born Zero-Raise the Dead
Broken Witt Rebels-Money
Cascade-Angel’s Path
Disconnected-Living Incomplete
Liberty Lies-United Nothing
Lords of Salem-Hell Over Salem
Marcus King-The Well
Maven-Heart and Time
Moana-The Cultess
Naked Six-Gimme Something
Osaka Punch-Drones
Palm Ghosts-The Bells
Saints of Sin-Nasty Love
Sepultura- Isolation
Sleep Token-Say That You Will
Small Town Saviours-Cry
Soil-One Love
Sons of Liberty-Snake Hips Slim
Summit-The Good Life
Ten Times a Million-Make This Stop
The Howling Tides- He Told Me
The Last Martyr-Like A Ghost
Une Misere-Sin and Guilt
Written by Wolves-As Long As it Takes
Youth Illusion- Cover Up and Die