19 March 2019

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 15.03.19

Yet another great week in the world of music and #TheGlobalOnslaught delivers on a promise to delight your ears and get your toes tapping. We explore the blues with Billy F Gibbons and air the brand new single “Bullet” from Aussie Rockers Massive who are playing at this year’s #StonedeafFestival We also bring you Midland Grunge favourite’s Resin with a track from their latest album “Cycle Of Need”, you can check them out this year’s #BloodstockFestival in August as they take the Sophie Stage.

On the show this week.

A New Revenge- Never Let You Go
Billy F Gibbons- Let the Left Hand Know
Black Tree Vultures-No More Empathy
Collateral- Going with the Wind
Diamante- Haunted
Diggeth- Let the Ancient One Sleep
Emil Bulls- Survivor (Destiny’s Child)
Fugitive- Payback
Gallows Circus- Faith to Believe
Hell’s Addiction-Running Away
In Flames-I, the Mask
Mark Morton Ft Myles Kennedy- Save Defiance
Massive- Bullet
Merricks Tusk-Turn out the Lights
Overkill-Welcome to the Garden State
Ramage Inc-Rhino
Resin- Shitstorm
Richard Hawley- Off My Mind
Royal Republic- Fireman & Dancer
Slash Ft Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators- Driving Rain
Snakewater- Muddy Water
Spookshow Inc- Little Pill
The Black Bullets- When the Devil Comes Knocking
The Dead Daisies- Dead & Gone (AC Session)
The Nile Deltas- Dust Me Down
Transients- Scratch the Surface
Witch Tripper- Roll the Dice