17 December 2018

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 14.12.18

On the Global Onslaught this week we have the latest music from Dream Theatre, Jinjer and Lilith and the Knight. On this week’s show we also feature an interview with Von Hertzen Brothers front man, Mikko, waist deep into their latest tour, “War is Over- Part 2” and embarking on a UK tour with Uriah Heep on the direct horizon.

Here’s a complete rundown on the playlist for this week’s show (Not in play order).

A Ritual Spirit- The Ever After
Ballsdeep- Burn
Bearfist- Destroy the Magnet
Corroded- Burn
Dark Sky Park- Stand My Ground
Deever- Only Enemy
Dream Theatre- Untethered Angel
Flotsam and Jetsam- Demolition Man
GagReflex- Earth Fault Develops
Gallows Circus- Faith to Believe
Jinjer- Dreadful Moments
Kadinja- The Modern Rage
Kris Barras- Stitch Me Up
Lilith and the Knight- War Cry
Martyr de Mona- Siege Mentality
Master Charger- Damn Me Forever
Monster Truck- Young City Hearts
Pelugion- Monster
SHVPES- Afterlife
Snakewater- Girl Like You
State of Ember- Made Up My Mind
The Black Hands- 45
Von Hertzen Brothers- Flowers and Rust
Von Hertzen Brothers- To the End of The World
Within Temptation- Raise Your Banner