16 December 2019

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 13.12.19

On this week’s edition of The Global Onslaught we take a look at a snapshot of the great and good amongst the world of music and reflect back on an incredible final month of this year.

On the show.

Airbourne-Backseat Boogie
Anchor Lane-Casino
Anvil-Nabbed in Nebraska
Badflower-The Jester
Broken Witt Rebels-Running with Wolves
Clutch-Fortunate Son
Cormac Neeson-Broken Wing
Cro-Mags-From the Grave
Fire from the Gods-Right Now
Five Finger Death Punch-Inside Out
Higher Power-Low Season
I Built The Sky- Up Into the Ether
Liberty Lies- Mouth Breathers
Malone Sibun-Come Together
Maven-Stronger Than you
Me and that Man-Run with the Devil
Naked Six-Song of the City
Sons of Liberty-Its’ my Bad
Soul Jacker-Nobody Loves You
Sylosis-I Sever
The Collision-Unbelievable
The Howling Tides-He Told Me
The Rock Allstars- You’re the Voice
The Rocket Dolls- Enthusiasm and Fumes
White Raven Down-Not Alone 2.0