11 April 2020

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 10.04.20

Welcome to a very special edition of The Global Onslaught, it’s Good Friday but we’re making this a “Great Friday” with some of the very best new releases from around the planet. Not only that but we have some more of your fantastic lock down stories, telling us how you are occupying your time at home whilst listening to MMH The Home of Rock Radio.

On the show this week.

As I Lay Dying-Destruction or Strength
Bad Touch- Strut
Black Sky Research-Light Up The Sky
Black Tree Vultures-Pull Apart
Bleed From Within-Into Nothing
Burning Witches-Six Feet Underground
Calling All Astronauts-Give Them A Leader
Code Orange-The Easy Way
Cory Marks-Outlaws and Outsiders
Dali-Borrowed Time
Dead Lakes-Close to Me
Fallen Temples-As Long As I Can Stand
Far From Refuge-Kingdom
Graces Collide-Another Sun
Hedra- Broken Bones
Jim Davies-Trigger
Larkin Poe-Holy Ghost Fire
Oh Nova-Nobody Move
Palace of the King-Tell It Like It Is
Phantom State- I am The Wolf
Robert Jon and the Wreck-Oh Miss Carolina
The Crookeds-Never Get It
The Rocket Dolls- The Grip
Trident Waters-Control The Animal
Vader-Into Oblivion