07 October 2019

Adam Onslaught Present’s The Global Onslaught 04.10.19

On this week’s edition of The Global Onslaught your host Adam Onslaught takes you on another musical journey around the planet looking at some of the heaviest sounds around as well as some deeper cuts from the archive.

On the show this week.

Agnostic Front-Spray Painted Walls
Bad Dog-Hot Stuff
Bad Pollyanna-Where Does it Hurt
Black Star Riders-Tonight the Moonlight Let Me Down
Black Peaks-King
Blood Oath-Infernum Diabolus
Bloody Hammers-Now the Screaming Starts
Cormac Neeson-Broken Wings
FEET-Petty Thieving
Killswitch Engage-The Signal Fire
Kobra and the Lotus-Thundersmith
Lacuna Coil-Reckless
Liberty Lies-A Thousand People
Matt Mitchell and the Coldhearts-Dare You to Watch
Michael Schenker Fest-Behind the Smile
Massive Wagons-Billy Balloon Head
Of Mice and Men-Taste of Regret
Old Man Jasper-Find Your Peace
Phil Campbell Featuring Alice Cooper-Swing It
Reaper X-Diplomatic Solution
Roadhouse Diet-Won’t Break or Bend
Scarlet Rebels-Heal
Slave Steel-Ogre Cage
The Howling Tides-He Told Me
The People, The Poet-Dead Alive
The Wildhearts-That’s My Girl
Whiskey Myers-Gasoline
Wolves Don’t Sleep-Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time