07 January 2019

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 04.01.19

On this week’s #GlobalOnslaught we look back at some of our favourite releases from 2018 and look forward to what 2019 has in store for the show. 2018 was a stellar year for new music but what will this year bring? Who only knows! “Rock Comic” Pete K Mally joins Adam in the studio and gives his take on the last 12 months in music, radio and talk about his upcoming stand up tour.

On the show this week we have….

Alien Weaponry- Whispers
Artillery- Crossroads to Conspiracy
Bad Touch- Too Many Times
Big Boy Bloater and the Limits-Pills
Black Emerald- Dr Stein
Clutch-In Walks Barbarella
Collateral-Fear of the Fall
Evil Scarecrow-Red Riding Hood
Idlewar- Turn to Six
Jinjer- Ape
Lilith and the Knight- War Cry
MeMe Detroit- De Moe
Onslaught-Killing Peace
Phil Campbell ATBS- Big Mouth
Ramage Inc-Under the Skin
Redfern, Hutchinson and Ross-Home on Judgement Day
Seven Hells-The Prophet
Skindred-That’s My Jam
Slash-Call of the Wild
Sonder-A Wicked Place
State of Ember-Fear of Falling
The Virginmary’s-Look Out for my Brother
Von Hertzen Brothers-Jerusalem
Willie and the Bandits-Find My Way
Witch Tripper-I, Of the Storm