02 February 2019

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 01.02.19

On this week’s #GlobalOnslaught we take you on another journey of discovery as we take a look at the latest singles and album tracks that are out there. Brand new singles from the likes of Danko Jones, Erica Drive and much more.

On the show this week.

Atorc- Sheildwall
Battle Beast- No More Hollywood Endings
Black Tree Vultures- Bitter
Blaze Bayley- Futureal
Breathe Atlantis- Everyone Else
Bus- I Buried Paul
Candlemass- Astorolus The Great Octopus
Cellar Darling- The Spell
City of Souls- Wolf
Danko Jones- Dance Dance Dance
Dead at 27- Lights
Deever- Only Enemy
Devil’s Gun- Tear Down the Wall
Erica Drive- All We Are
Evergrey- Silent Arc
Forever Still- Rewind
Gun Runners- Bleed
Heavy Feather- Waited All My Life
Hell Fire- Mania
Imonolith- Hollow
Le Butcherettes- Give Up
Mallen- Pull the Trigger
Overkill- Head of a Pin
Parkway Drive- Shadow Boxing
Pop Evil- Be Legendary
The Picturebooks- Electric Nights
TrYangle- All