04 January 2021

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 01.01.21

Greetings and Happy New Year salutations one and all as we step into a new year and look back over one of the most turbulent years in human history to date, 2020. All that being said if it wasn’t for the power of music and the positive force of which most of us would have coped far less that we did so a tip of the cap to all those artists that helped us through the darkness.

This week we take a look back from January through December at some of our highlights.

On the Show
ACDC- Shot in the Dark
Amahiru- Hours
Architects- Animals
Ascension of the Watchers- The End is Always The Beginning
Blues Pills- Low Road
Bruce Springsteen- The Power of Prayer
Clutch- Fortunate Son
Devilfire- Gimme Shelter
FyreSky- Pleasure for Pain
Gravity Machine- Lifting Mountains
Hatebreed- Cling to Life
Jamie Porter Band- Ready for Action
Killer Be Killed- Dream Gone Bad
Kingdom of Giants- Blue Dream
Larkin Poe- Holy Ghost Fire
Marcus King- One Day She’s Here
Mike Ross- Places
Phantom State- I am The Wolf
Rob Zombie- The Triumph of King Freak
Sevendust- Blood From a Stone
The Hu- Sad But True
The Kids- Go Back to Canberra
The Night Flight Orchestra- Transmissions
The Rocket Dolls- The Grip
Thundermother- Driving in Style
Verity White- Come and Get It
Wayward Sons- Punchline
Wolf Jaw- Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda