26 March 2019

2000-50 Years Of Metal

Linkin park – Hybrid Theory


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It’s almost impossible to talk about the early 00’s metal scene without bringing up the sub genre of Nu-Metal. Hybrid Theory was the debut album of the now extremely successful, Linkin Park and seems to feature in almost every person’s CD collection. Featuring such singles and hits as Paper cut, One Step Closer, Points of Authority, Crawling, and In The End it’s easy to see why this album is considered a staple of the early 00’s.Although many people loved the album and found it a refreshing move for rock and metal, some critics thought it was just another rap/rock fused novelty. This didn’t faze the band who catapulted into mainstream success; regarding the album Chester Bennington said this to The Guardian, 2001. “There’s a lot of pissed off kids in the world. I think that’s a good thing. Anger feeds change – more so than happiness, because I think when people become happy and comfortable they become lazy and melancholy. When there’s a little bit of rage behind, you get motivated”.Fast forward to 2014 and Linkin Park are headlining the iconic Download Festival. Not only are they showcasing their biggest hits ahead of The Hunting Party album release, they are also playing Hybrid Theory in its entirety. This is proof that even after decade people are still excited to see and hear the album live, long after it’s cycle has ended.Ultimately, Hybrid Theory album will remain an iconic album of the early 00’s. This can be brilliantly experienced by simply attending a rock/metal club night where hits from the album are no strangers from the playlist and are hugely popular with the crowds.



Iron Maiden – Brave New World 

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Having put together what is probably the greatest run of albums in metal history in the 1980s, Iron Maiden subsequently issued their four worst albums in the 1990s. With the Blaze era seeing them fall out of favour, Maiden reunited with vocal icon Bruce Dickinson and six string extraordinaire Adrian Smith in 1999, thereby initiating the remarkable turnaround that has seen them return to the head of the pack. For all their faults, the oft maligned Blaze records did lay the groundwork for Maiden’s current creative direction, with patient, sprawling epics punctuated by trademark gallops, melodic leads and rousing choruses. There’s a renewed vigour about the way the group go about their business, and Kevin Shirley’s lively production only adds to the excitement and energy. Culminating in a legendary performance at Brazil’s Rock in Rio festival (since put out as a live release), Brave New World is every bit as good as any of their classics, and ushered in a second golden age for one of heavy metal’s most beloved acts; an age that continues to this day.




2001-50 Years Of Metal