07 October 2020

100% Proof Breakfast Show 7/10/20 with Jesse Luscious

Our legendary breakfast meister Tony Heare is taking a well earned break so it was down to our Monday evening punk Jesse Luscious to set his alarm and rise early. Here’s what he chose to play to get you on your way on this Hump Day!

AC/DC- Send For The Man
Rose Tattoo- Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock’n’Roll
Upper Crust- Rock’n’Roll Butler
Presidents of the United States of America- Lump
Team America World Police- America F-Yeah (Guy Fawkes Edit)
Trio- Anna- letmeinletmeout
MC Five- Kick Out The Jams
Thunderbitch- Eastside Party
Death- Politicians In My Eyes
T. Rex- Jeepster
Sweet- Ballroom Blitz
Giuda- Get That Goal
Mud- Tiger Feet
Thin Lizzy- Warrior
Jim Carroll Band- City Drops Into The Night
Ozzy Osbourne- Mr. Crowley
Turbonegro- Hot For Nietzsche
Runaways- Rock and Roll
Black Tones- Mama! There’s A Spider In My Room
Green Day- Longview
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- Fake Friends
Hulk Hogan- Hulkster’s In The House
Dictators- What’s Up With That?
Stepchild- Rock Show
Queen- Flash Gordon
Kinks- (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman
Kinks- You Really Got Me